Seabuckthorn Fruitpulp Oil of the month

Oil of the Month - Sea Buckthorn Fruit Oil


Sea buckthorn pulp oil protects the skin from free radicals, has a cell regenerating effect
and anti-inflammatory. It is suitable for mature skin, inflamed and blemished skin,
as well as for skin as well as for skin damaged by UV radiation or sunburn.
Sea buckthorn fruit pulp oil is ideal for after-sun products, serums for mature skin
or fluids for inflamed and blemished skin.
It can also be used in products for irritated scalps and in anti-inflammatory dental care.
the active ingredient oil can also contribute its soothing properties.

Facial care with sea buckthorn pulp oil

At the centre of the sea buckthorn pulp oil is the palmitic acid with over 25%.
It has a moisturising effect and forms a delicate film on the skin.
The palmitic acid in the sea buckthorn oil is accompanied by palmitoleic acid,
which ensures that the oil is absorbed well
and at the same time promotes the penetration of active ingredients.

Palmitic acid in sea buckthorn pulp oil

We source the pulp for our oil from Germany and Romania, among other places.
We also work together with the renowned organic juice producer Völkel,
who grows the sea buckthorn in Brandenburg.
The harvesting of the ripe sea buckthorn fruit is very laborious
and must also be done quickly due to the oil content of the fruit.

Sea buckthorn fruit

A winter in the Allgäu without snow is like a winter evening without mulled wine.
If you would like to try something NEW this winter, you can indulge yourself this year
with a fine mulled wine with sea buckthorn jam.

Recipe for mull wine with sea buckthorn jam