Oil of the Month - Pomegranate kernel oil

This wonderfully bright yellow oil is a true beauty booster!
Our pomegranate kernel oil, indispensable in so many products!
Like in this great cream with a wonderful name that provides mature skin with the necessary ingredients.
Martina Gebhardt is known for its high-quality care products. She makes no compromises,
and is careful to use only minimalist formulas and gentle and fresh processing.
Our high-quality organic pomegranate seed oil is used in her rich and protective Happy Aging cream.

At the heart of pomegranate oil is a rare omega-5 fatty acid, punicic acid.
This cosmetic active ingredient is contained in our pomegranate seed oil in a proportion of over 60%.
Together with the flavonoids, polyphenols and phytohormones also contained in the oil, it has exceptional antioxidant properties.
antioxidant properties. It naturally protects skin and hair from oxidative stress, i.e. from free radicals.

Much more than a trend for us is also the use of by-products from food production.
The pomegranate seeds used for our pomegranate seed oil are produced during juice production.
In the social media and also in market research institutes, this is referred to as "upcycling beauty".
Here is a report about our supplier from Azerbaijan.

The pomegranate is full of vitamins and protects our body cells thanks to the flavonoids and tannins.
In other words, it's a natural anti-ageing remedy that we should definitely have in our diet on a regular basis.
Try this delicious, colourful salad with kale-cashew paste and pomegranate seeds.