Black Currant Seed Oil - a remarkable oil!

Blackcurrant seed oil is a remarkable oil in its composition of fatty acids.
It is one of the few oils to contain both α- and γ-linolenic acid as well as another,
very rare 4-fold unsaturated fatty acid, stearidonic acid.
The latter has only been researched in recent years and shows a strong anti-inflammatory effect.
At the same time, the oil has a high content of linoleic acid,
which, among other things, is incorporated into the skin's own ceramide I.
Due to its astonishing content of the rare omega-3 fatty acids α-linolenic acid and stearidonic acid,
blackcurrant oil is used for its anti-inflammatory effects.
stearidonic acid, blackcurrant seed oil is sometimes mentioned in the literature as an alternative to fish oil.
as an alternative to fish oil. 🐟
Text: ©Heike Käser,

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