Current market report of the company All Organic Treasures

For organic oils, fats and macerates

Apricot Kernel Oil, cold-pressed, organic
We have enough goods in stock, but generally rising prices for raw materials in Turkey.
The availability of raw material from Uzbekistan is very tight for the new harvest.

Argan Oil, refined & cold-pressed, organic
Price situation for argan nuts in Morocco still very uncertain. A fresh argan oil refinery is scheduled for October and will be able to cover the needs of our cosmetics customers until the end of the year. We advise all customers here to contact us to secure the quantities we have. Due to the many poor qualities, cold-pressed goods are only available on the market after careful inspection.

Avocado Oil, cold-pressed, organic
Very good quality from Kenya and sufficient quantity from fresh harvest 2022 is in stock and available. We can lower the prices here.

Copoazu Butter, cold-pressed, organic
Limited availability of organic certified copoazu butter. Due to good supplier relationships with Peru, we have enough goods available.

Glycerin, plant-based, organic
We have excellent quality and sufficient quantity from our longtime supplier.
This spring we were in India on an AOT supplier trip and were able to see the production and quality for ourselves.
Prices are rising due to increased import costs.

Pomegranate Seed Oil, cold-pressed, organic AOT Premium Product - In-House Production and Project
The raw material availability and quality from Azerbaijan are still very good; constantly fresh productions and the prospect of the new harvest look very promising.
Unfortunately, the novel food regulation affects us here (only natural cosmetics)
We are currently examining legal means to reverse the novel food classification.

Hemp Seed Oil, cold-pressed, organic
Very good quality with low THC values ​​and therefore legally unproblematic, from our trustworthy partner from Lithuania.
Origin exclusively from Europe (Baltic States). Sufficient quantity is always available.

Elder Seed Oil, cold-pressed, organic
We always produce fresh here and also have enough elderberry seeds in stock.

Jojoba Oil, deodorized, refined & cold-pressed, organic
This March we were also in Peru to strengthen our cooperation with local producers.
We have enough jojoba oil in stock from this stable source and are happy that the price remains stable for the time being.

Cocoa Butter, deodorized & raw, organic
We have ensured good availability and stable prices of cocoa butter products through long-term cooperation with our partners. This brings planning security for all parties.

Coconut Oil, refined & native, organic
Coconut oil availability has recovered and the prospects for stable prices are good. Currently the coconut oil comes from the Philippines, but we also get great products from the Ivory Coast and Sri Lanka.

Linseed Oil, cold-pressed, organic
Excellent quality and sufficient quantity from our long-term supplier from Austria. Fresh productions always in stock with excellent quality.

Macadamia Nut Oil, cold-pressed, organic AOT Premium Product - In-House Production
Attractively priced macadamia nut oil made from upcycling in-house production.

Almond Oil, cold-pressed, organic AOT Premium Product - In-House Production and Project
Here we must continue to consider the problem of phosphonic acid.
We pay attention to a very low limit value in order to be able to also offer our almond protein in the best quality.
The availability of the almonds from Spain is given due to the new harvest, but the price is now at the change of harvest not yet set to 100%.

MCT Oil, organic
Excellent quality and sufficient quantity from our long-standing supplier from India, we also visited him in spring.

Neem Oil, cold-pressed, organic
Fresh raw materials from a new harvest in India are available in sufficient quantities and were freshly produced.
We will soon have this special oil with its species-typical sensory property back in stock.

Evening Primrose Oil, cold-pressed, organic
Sufficient seed is available from the current harvest and we can offer stable prices.

Olive Oil, extra virgin & lampant & deodorized, organic
Our reliable supplier in Spain has sufficient availability with the best extra virgin quality. The goods from the new harvest are not expected until the beginning of 2023. The prices and quantities for the new crop are not yet there.

Palm Kernel Oil refined, organic AOT Premium Product - In-House Production
We currently have a fresh in-house production of this product in stock. The goods come from an organic project on the Ivory Coast. The cores are from wild collection and are produced in a socially sustainable, special value chain.

Castor Oil, cold-pressed, organic
We have excellent quality and sufficient quantity available from our long-term supplier from India.

Sacha Inchi Oil, cold-pressed, organic
Due to a good supplier relationship with Peru, there are enough goods in stock.

Sunflower Oil, LO & HO, refined & cold-pressed, organic In-House Production and Project
New crop oil expected. Prices are stable and have fallen slightly due to stocks not being shipped during the war in Ukraine. We therefore do not anticipate any further price increases this year. This is also an upcycling product and we can offer you fair prices and sufficient availability.

Soybean oil refined & cold-pressed, organic
We have new crop oil in stock from October, still only European soybeans.
The factors mentioned at the beginning also cause prices to rise sharply here.

Black Cumin Oil, cold-pressed, organic In-House Production
We have top quality from our own production in stock from last year's harvest.
At this year's AOT supplier trip to Egypt, we visited our suppliers and secured the harvest.
In addition, we have optimized the quality of the seed with our partners, for example the problem of plasticizers.
Goods from the new harvest are already arriving and will be freshly produced in the warehouse.

Sesame Oil, refined & cold-pressed, organic
Here, too, we have very good availability with stable prices!

Shea Butter, refined & raw & nilotica, organic AOT Premium Product - In-House Production and Project
Ensuring high-quality goods from Ghana, Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso enables us to have stable and constant availability.

Grapeseed Oil, cold-pressed, organic
We expect excellent quality and sufficient quantity from our long-term supplier from Austria by the end of October.

Walnut Oil, cold-pressed, organic AOT Premium Product
With our new product walnut flour, an AOT upcycling product, we can again offer larger quantities of walnut oil at very good prices.

For Proteins, Flours and Extrudates

Fava Bean Protein, organic
We have large quantities of excellent quality with a protein content of 55% in stock from our long-standing partner from Scandinavia.

Hemp Protein 50, organic
The availability of hemp protein shows no problems. We have very good quality in stock from our trustworthy partner from Lithuania and can lower the prices a bit.
We always have our high-quality organic linseed flour with a stable price in stock.

Pumpkin Protein 60, roasted & unroasted, organic
Our high-quality, roasted Pumpkin Protein 60 from Hungary/Austria has stable and constant availability in sufficient quantities. In addition, we stock excellent quality unroasted pumpkin protein 60 from Chinese raw material at a favourable price due to falling raw material prices.

Almond Protein, organic
We still have to consider the problem of phosphonic acid, we are setting a very low limit.
Availability of goods of impeccable quality keeps prices at a high level. Please plan early.

Heliaflor® Sunflower Protein, organic
After the turbulent months before and during Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine, sunflower seeds were finally delivered in Q2 and we were able to increase our production back to the previous year's level and pre-produced enough goods for Q4 and Q1/23 to avoid another bottleneck reach. The price increase that we had to make in spring remains, but we are now keeping the price constant. This is also due to the fact that stocks are still high, which compensates for the somewhat poor harvest due to the heat and prices remain stable.

We are at your disposal for any questions