COSMOS Quality

COSMOS is an umbrella organization that combines the different standards BDIH, COSMEBIO, ECOCERT, ICEA and SOIL ACCOSIATION and was founded in 2010.
Thanks to this standard, it is possible to continue to rely on the well-known symbols and, in addition, to clearly recognize products that comply
with the unified standard by the lettering COSMOS natural and COSMOS organic, which can be found directly under the respective label.
The organization is based in Brussels and from there it manages the certification of natural and organic cosmetics. Today,
COSMOS certification is one of the strictest standards for natural and organic cosmetics worldwide.
The most important certification criteria are clear and published guidelines for permitted raw material sources and approved manufacturing processes.
Furthermore, the prohibition of genetic engineering, nanomaterials, irradiation and animal testing.
A distinction is also made between organic and natural cosmetics. For the Cosmos-Organic,
i.e. the organic cosmetics label, minimum requirements are specified with regard to the organic portion and the raw materials.
We are pleased that we can certify our products as COSMOS since 2014 with our certification partner IONC, you can find the current certificate here Download.