All Organic Treasures
Organic raw materials for natural food and natural cosmetics

Since the foundation of AOT as a family business from the Allgäu in 2003, we have had the vision
to make the world a more ecological and sustainable place. We supply raw materials from the source of nature.

Our oils, fats, proteins and flours provide the basis for natural foods of the highest quality,
from almond proteins, cashew flour and pumpkin proteins up to our Heliaflor® sunflower proteins.
For the natural cosmetics industry we offer natural oils, fats, waxes and antioxidants,
such as shea butter from Burkina Faso, almond oil from Spain or beeswax from Great Britain.

We focus on highest quality standards and constantly advancing research.
Discover our premium organic raw materials for natural cosmetics and natural food.

Family business
since 2003

37 employees

in the Allgäu

Sustainable and organic
from the beginning

Oils, fats, proteins,
flours and much more


the holistic utilization of raw materials